Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When You Live On An Island

I used to live on an island.  Lucky me.
And, in many ways, it was paradise.
I miss it everyday,
and hope to live there again, someday.

My island was an hour from the mainland by boat,
and our town had only a few stores,
so, occasionally,
a trip to the mainland was required.

That meant two hour-long boat rides,
one each way.
And that often meant the dreaded
feeling of being sea sick.
Not fun.
Kind of like a bad hangover,
without the party.

Someone told me that
if I would keep my eyes on the horizon during the boat ride
I would ward off the feelings
of being sea sick.
So I tried it,
and it worked.

But keeping your eyes on the horizon
while sitting on a moving boat in the ever changing sea
is not easy.
There is a need for constant adjustment.
You can't really rest and also keep your eyes on the horizon.
And, at night, in the dark,
the horizon seemed to disappear
so the task was all but impossible.

Our world is much like the sea.
Constantly in motion.
Nausea and headache come naturally
when one is faced with keeping oneself upright
and on track in a boat on the sea.

I search for the horizon
even in the darkness
and I keep my eyes fixed there.
For there I find rest.
Strength. Health. Comfort.

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