Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Forty More Years

The other day I caught myself speaking forth life.

After worship a group was selling cookies. I told them "No thanks. I'm hoping to live forty more years."

I said it without thought. Without reflection. But it's true. I'd love forty more years.

So what am I doing now toward a goal like that?

Writing. A lot. Whenever I have focused time alone. I'm enjoying snatching those chunks of quiet space to play with words.

Reading more, which is good for the brain, as well as the heart.

Rarely turning on the TV.

Purposefully calling friends to make time to be with them over the weekend. In the past, I have mostly been alone all weekend while my kids are with their dad.

Commiting to an exercise program at a gym where I will get personalized attention, which I think has been the missing element for me.

Being more intentional about food choices almost all of the time.

None of this may seem like much, but for me these things are HUGE.

Here's to forty more years!

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